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5401 Fallowater Lane, Suite C
Roanoke, VIrginia 24018


As a Roanoke Virginia counselor, Jillian McCay offers counseling to children, adolescence, and adults. Stress, transitions, grief, depression, anxiety!  This is just a short list of the things we deal with daily. Counseling is an opportunity to help manage these struggles.  


Counselor in Roanoke

Licensed Professional Counselor

Total Life Counseling, Inc. 

Counseling can be the start to overcoming those daily activities, relationships, and work environments that are creating imbalance. Feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, anger, compulsions, and other difficult emotions are addressed and that feeling of "something is wrong" can finally begin the process toward a life that is more fulfilled and full of potential.

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Depressed, Anxious

Each day we are bombarded by stressors that impact how we see the world, our hope, our joy, our family, work, health, and overall quality of life.  With so much being out of our control, having a sense of confidence and direction to enjoy life is challenged.  Often we get stuck between living in the past and dreaming of the future without really being in the present.  Counseling can provide the support, direction, and encouragement to help you change your path to one of peace and perspective. 

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Love; it can be one of life’s most satisfying joys and still potentially one of life’s biggest risks.  Starting or maintaining an intimate or professional relationship can be challenging.  Especially with past hurts and turmoil from a broken heart.  How do you find peace in the hurt? How do you find perspective when you crave the approval of others?  Counseling is a safe place to give yourself the opportunity to find the answers to these questions.  

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Coping with change

Life is a constant process.  That sounds delightful doesn’t it?  After all, we all love change.  Despite the truth or rather lack of truth in that statement, change is an unavoidable part of life.  It can be difficult to make sense of things, to cope, or even to find our identity in the midst of life’s ups and downs.  Whether it is changes in relationships, employment, or simply growing up, counseling  is a means to fit the puzzle pieces together so that transitions turn into a much more enjoyable picture.